The Most Popular Bridal Accessories Of 2020

It’s 2020 and nothing is “simple” anymore. You already know that your guests will be sharing your wedding Von all of the social media platforms, so you need to make sure your dress and accessories are on point! Usually, everyone stresses out about the dress, rushing to make it tailored in time and have it look perfect. This usually results in accessories becoming a second priority. At Bellissima Bride, we make sure that your dress and accessories are picked perfectly to your tastes! 


Wedding Jewelry

No list of bridal accessories is complete without mentioning jewelry!

Statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, shoulder epaulets, tiaras, body chains, wedding headpieces, jeweled sashes, belts, bracelets or one-of-a-kind sets are some of the most popular picks for brides.

Bellissima Bride’s team in Deerfield Beach, FL is here to help you to pick out perfect pieces without going overboard, taking into consideration the neckline, skin tone, color of the metal, size and shape and the theme of the wedding. We are here to make sure every detail is considered and finalized perfectly within your budget!

Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoes are one of the toughest parts of a bride’s outfit to decide upon when it comes to looks, as well as price and comfort. But don’t worry, our team at Bellissima Bride in Deerfield Beach, FL is here for you to make sure you have it all! We will not let you step into a pair of shoes and think of taking them off at any moment of your magic day. Bellissima Bride will help you choose between styles such as, heels, wedges, or flats to make sure you are not only looking beautiful but feeling beautiful too!


Bridal Veil

We have a wide selection of bridal veils as these are another must-have bridal accessory. We will make sure your veil matches the dress, type of lace, shoes, and the rest of the accessories. Having the perfect bridal veil will make you feel like you are in a fairytale! 

Flower Power

Don’t believe that flowers are only restricted to the country and summery themes! Bellissima Bride in Deerfield Beach offers floral wreaths, headbands, vines, a cluster of flowers or a single bloom for your hair that can amp up the ‘flower power’ on your big day. Who doesn’t like flowers? They can be used to open up or fill up space as well!

Wedding Flowers

Bellissima Bride is the number one Bridal shop in all of South Florida. See why those from as far south as Key West and as far north as Jupiter travel to our Deerfield Beach location to shop for their bridal needs when you visit our store. Want to set an appointment? Give us a call at (954) 426-6116 or use our appointment tool to set up a time to visit us today!

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