Best Christmas Gifts For Brides To Be Or Newly Weds

The Holidays are here! That means it’s time to get gifts for all of the important people in your life. Historically, the most popular time for marriages in the United States is between May to October. That means that your friends and family who are engaged are likely getting married within the next year, or have been married within the last year. What better time to celebrate their wedding than Christmas? Bellissima Bride is here to give you some ideas for Christmas gifts to get for brides to be, or those brides that have been married recently. We’re sure you’ll find something they love! Keep reading this post from our blog to learn more.

Christmas Gifts For Brides To Be

Little White Book Diary wedding plannerWhen brides have a set date for their wedding, that’s often the only thing on their mind until the big day arrives. This makes a wedding-related Christmas gift that much more thoughtful. One of the best gifts you can get brides to be is a nice Wedding diary. In the industry, these are often referred to as Little White Books. Those that are planning to be married love these kinds of planners. These books are great for staying organized. But, more importantly, they serve as a great reminder of the planning and mindset of the bride to be ahead of the wedding. These are great, sentimental and thoughtful gifts for brides to be.

Another great gift for brides to be are personalized toasting flutes. These can be used at the wedding reception, as well as dress rehearsals for the Image result for personalized toasting fluteswedding. Personalized toasting flutes can serve as another sentimental reminder for the wedding, and your happiness for the bride and groom.

Both of these gifts, if cared for properly, can last for years to come. They’re great little knick-knacks to have around the house that celebrates the matrimony of your friends or family members, and act as awesome gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Newly Weds

Image result for first christmas ornament couple

Don’t forget about your friends and family that have already been married in the past year! There are tons of awesome gifts you can get for newly-weds that will really tug on their heartstrings. For those that celebrate Christmas, our biggest recommendation is a first Christmas ornament. These are great gifts as they can be used for years, and also serve as a reminder of the newly-wed period of the couple’s life. We love the idea of first Christmas married ornaments!

Another great gift for newly-weds are scrapbooks or photo albums. This is a gift that requires planning beforehand, but a great way to give your friends or Image result for newly wed photo albumfamily an unforgettable gift. Taking pictures at the wedding or of the couple together is a great way to sneakily begin planning this gift. Think you don’t have enough photos for the collage or photo album? Utilize Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to find great pictures of the happy couple!

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