What You Need To Know Before Going Wedding Dress Shopping

So, the question was popped and you said yes and now it’s time to go wedding dress shopping. The right wedding dress can make any bride feel absolutely amazing on her big day, but finding that perfect gown can be a lot harder than it looks. From traditional to non-traditional wedding dresses, there are so many styles to choose from. There is also so much pressure around and meaning ascribed to a piece of clothing that you will wear for only one day that can make looking for your dream dress seem like a daunting and almost impossible task.

Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Each bride’s journey to finding her dream wedding dress is unique. Some brides buy the first dress that they try on while others end up needing to try on more dresses or go to more appointments. Whatever path you may take to finding the one, there are things every bride-to-be should know before going wedding dress shopping.

Allow Yourself Ample Time To Get Your Dream Dress

The entire wedding dress process from the time you book your first appointment at a bridal shop to try on dresses to your final fitting can take an entire year. Most wedding dresses take at least six months to get made, though the average is eight to ten months. Not to mention wedding dress alterations, on average, take two to three months. Give yourself plenty of time in order to avoid any last minute fashion emergencies.

Set A Realistic Budget

A wedding dress is a pretty major purchase for most people. Determining a realistic budget is probably the most important step throughout the entire wedding dress shopping process and it should be done before you make that first important to try on dresses. Setting a realistic budget means you really have to be honest with all parties that are helping to pay for your dress including your family, your fiance and most especially yourself. This will help you to determine how much you will be able to actually spend on your dress. Also keep in mind that once you have found your dress, you will have to sign a contract so both parties, you and the bridal salon, will be protected.

Book Your Bridal Salon Appointment ASAP

The absolute best time of the year to go wedding dress shopping when the timing and designer selections are just right is the entire month of January. Not only is January peak engagement season, but many new runway collections are finally hitting stores and many sample sales are taking place in order to make room for new inventory. If you are trying on wedding dresses during the busy season, which is January through March, then you may need to schedule your appointment a month in advance. To make it easier on you, book your dress trying on appointment on the weekday, rather than the weekend, if possible.

Do Your Homework In Advance But Be Open-Minded

To get a sense of the styles that you’re drawn to, start looking at dresses online and in bridal magazines. Many brides create boards on Pinterest to help them visualize different wedding dress looks. If you identify certain designers that you like, follow them on social media to learn more about them and their dresses. With that being said, it’s good to have an idea of what you want but don’t lock yourself into a certain dress.

Have Faith That You Will Find Your Dress

When brides go wedding dress shopping, there can be a lot of pressure for them to find that perfect dress and have this emotional moment when they do. After trying on dress after dress and not having a connection with any of them, brides can get disheartened pretty quickly. Finding the perfect wedding dress that was meant for you involves a combination of focus, positivity, and openness. Believe that you will find your dress just like you found your partner and be willing to commit to it when you do.

South Florida Bridal Shops Near Me

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