Don’t Rush Into Marriage! Take Your Time

Weddings serve as a joyous occasion for those who partake in the ceremony, especially for the bride and groom. They indicate the beginning of a new journey and represent neverending happiness to endure for the newlyweds. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case in some of them and others even end in a divorce. But it doesn’t need to end that way for you. In fact, there’s a very underrated method you can practice to ensure your marriage becomes a strong bond: It involves patience between you and your spouse and it could be the key factor in protecting your marriage from devastation. Continue reading below and see why you shouldn’t rush into marriage.

Marriage Lasts Longer Than The Wedding

It’s very easy for anyone to decide they want a wedding. If you are the bride or groom, you’ll want a wedding because you see it as a special day made just for you. But if that’s the only reason you want a wedding, then you shouldn’t be planning a wedding yet. Weddings officially mark when your new life begins with your spouse – a life that should last forever. If you cant envision what you want your life to be with your spouse past the wedding then you’re not ready for commitment.

Rushing Into It Doesn’t Mean You’re In Love. It Means You’re Desperate

If you’re looking to get married because you fear loneliness, you’re not marrying because you’re in love. You’re marrying because you feel desperate. And desperation will hinder your desire for true happiness; another good reason why you don’t want to rush into marriage.

Being desperate will blind you from seeing what is otherwise obvious red flags. You’ll marry someone who isn’t good for you and treats you poorly and it’s because you wanted to get married as quickly as you could, disallowing you from spending enough time with the person to know what they’re really like. Plus, rushing into marriage through desperation will mean that you’re likely missing out on someone who’d be a better match for you. Get to know the person you’re with now and wait at least a year or more before getting married. If you both work out, then you’ll end up together. If not, you’ll know when to cut your losses.

Just Because You Want To Do It Right Away Doesn’t Mean Your Significant Other Wants To

Let’s say for certain you are in love with the person you’ve been with for less than a year. You might feel ready to get married, but that doesn’t mean they are. They might also not feel the same way about you as you do to them. Pressuring your significant other to rush into marriage might make them lose their appreciation for you. On top of that, they might become less attracted to you as they’ll see your need for a quick marriage as a sign of desperation.

Also not respecting your partner’s patience will only indicate to them that you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship, resulting in their untimely separation from you.

Even When You’re Ready, Take Your Time

Every moment you spend with your significant other should be appreciated. And speeding up the process of getting married will hinder you from appreciating many aspects of your relationship. Even if you get engaged, take your time before planning a wedding. Engagement is a huge milestone in a relationship that should be enjoyed thoroughly by both you and your spouse. Take your time before you decide when, where, and how your marriage should go about. There’s absolutely no shame in being engaged to someone for a year or longer.

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